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About us

The brand

OR handmade is a fresh, limited edition women’s clothing brand. All items are handmade in Greece with care and imagination. They are based on original designs and as a rule the same pattern-fabric combination is not reproduced more than once or twice. The logic behind this decision is to maintain both the uniqueness of each garment and the motivational push for constant creativity. OR Handmade’s aim is to create clothes that are wearable, not necessarily casual, but certainly imaginative and functional. Most designs follow clear, simple lines, inspired by the magic of geometry, though without failing to flatter the female form. Asymmetrical curves, color blocks and vivid earth tones feature prominently. Apart from the design itself, it is ultimately the quality of the fabric that determines the actual feel of the garment. In line with this simple truth, natural fibers (such as wool and cotton) and fabrics which are gentle on the skin (e.g. viscose) are the primary fabrics used.

Behind the brand

The person behind the brand is Rania Riga. Her formal academic background is in English language and political communication studies. She turned to clothing design and sewing as an avid amateur until the idea for OR Handmade came to life. She is self-taught, open to experimentations. She completes the design, pattern making, fabric selection and sewing in her workshop. What fascinates her most in this work is the feeling of wholeness, the fact that you are involved in every step of the process , beginning with an abstract idea, which is then broken down to its constituent parts and reconstructed into a material whole.